VIDEO: e-volo flies first manned electric multicopter


German company e-volo says it has successfully flown its manned 16-rotor electric multicopter in the southwest of Germany in “late October”.

Test pilot Thomas Senkel flew the fly-by-wire copter for 90 seconds for the flight.

According to the company:

The automatic attitude and directional control are taken care of by multiple separate and mutually monitoring onboard computers, controlling the engines with the precise rotation speed necessary to fly this tri-axis device. A simple joystick allows the pilot to control the aircraft via a fly-by-wire system. Whether during vertical takeoff, in flight, or landing, the pilot has to pay little attention to minimum speed, stall, gas mixture control, pitch control or one of many other things that make conventional flight as challenging as it is.

This electrically driven system is quiet, clean and economically cost efficient. A one-hour flight would cost something near to 6 Euro for electricity. In addition, the device holds few parts, which could wear out, making maintenance intervals and cost low and far between.


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