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Accident as Art 2011 – A slideshow

Here’s my second annual Accident as Art (AaA) exhibition. Last year’s definition of AaA still holds: Painful as wrecked aeroplanes are to behold, there’s an artform in the lines and curves that beset our fallen angels. Below is the slideshow of 2011 accident pictures that I found artful in some way. Photos were pulled from US National […]

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#PaxEx Holiday Advice: Seatbelts and Good Will toward Men

Hey airline travelers, do your fellow humans a favour this holiday season (and any other time for that matter) by staying in your seats when the pilot, who’s paid to do more than just sound professional on the intercomm, keeps that little overhead seatbelt fastened light illuminated. To ignore the cute little lighted cartoon is […]

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Seasons Greetings, Canadian style

I’m not exactly sure what motivates a helicopter crew to do what five members of the Canadian rescue forces at Base Comox on the western coast of the country did with an AgustaWestland AW101 “Comorant” nearly one year ago, but I’m sure one hiker is glad they did.   I’m also not sure how cost […]

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