UPDATE: Tecnam boosts LSA lustre with Sea-Sky offering

I Received pricing and availability data for the Sea-Sky from Tecnam North American CEO Phil Solomon this morning:

The models on offer will be available as fully factory delivered aircraft with everything needed for amphib or normal land operation and run at just under $159,900 for an Echo Classic with Garmin SL40, Garmin GTX 327, Garmin Aera 500 GPS, PM3000 intercom, Speakers, ELT and the new Trutrak Gemini PFD to give it full six pack capability.  The Eaglet with a similar configuration would run around $12,000 more expensive.  Retrofit kits will also be available for existing Echo Classics and Eaglets and will cost about $35,000 plus installation labor and shipping.  A float only version will also be offered at a lower price that has not yet been finalized.

We will have a program in place in the US for “Early adopters” to get an incredible deal on these aircraft.  We plan to provide some more information in the next week or so with a full program launch timed for Sebring. 

We will definitely have a product at Sun and Fun and hopefully some considerable time before that as well but there is still some logistical work needed before we get the first delivery in the US.  The factory already has, as you have seen, a flyable model that has been used for testing.


Tecnam today revealed its newest light sport family member, the P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane. As it’s name suggests, it’s an amphibian, and it’s pretty sweet looking.

Tecnam P92 Sea Sky.JPG

Here’s the press release from the company. I’ve asked for cost and delivery estimates (and will update this blog when the numbers come in).

Tecnam today announced the launch of the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane, the 6th generation model of the very successful Tecnam P92 Echo Classic and Eaglet range of aeroplanes.

Tecnam’s reputation for developing aeroplanes for all aspects of General Aviation flying was further established today with the introduction of the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane. 

This 6th generation development builds on the tremendous success of both the P92 Echo Classic and P92 Eaglet to offer potential customers seeking an innovative, spacious and cost effective seaplane.

Requiring a take-off run of less than 200 metres, coupled with an impressive climb rate and a 100 hp engine, the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane affords ease of operation, both on the water (be it lakes, rivers or sea) and in the air.

Tecnam aeroplanes are especially known for offering outstanding value. One reason for the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane low cost is that it is produced at Tecnam’s new composites production facility, home to both the Tecnam P2008 and Tecnam P Twenty-Ten, in Capua, Italy.

”Our Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane offers you the pleasure of enjoying both blue waters and blue skies” said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director. ”Not just designed to perform superbly on water but also on the remaining 29% of the worlds surface, land, by using our innovative 4 wheels retractable landing gear. Wherever you want to go today Tecnam has got the right aeroplane for you! Enjoy your time, meet land, sky and water!”

The company in December revealed that it will fly a new four-place single (the P2010) early this month (in January)


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