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Top Gear Helo Crash.JPG

Corvette gets the best of Huey Cobra in Top Gear Stunt

No that’s not the corvette in the foreground, but that’s definitely the soon-to-be-crashed AH-1F (N197LE) in the background. According to the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in a preliminary report, the pilot and his passenger had just completed a practice run of the race course when he experienced a control malfunction. The sequence, at the Coolidge Municipal Airport (P08) in Arizona on 1 March, […]

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UAV docking.JPG

Missionary positioning behind Aurora UAV capture

A trick used by missionaries to drop and retrieve supplies to remote native villages in Ecuador more than 50 years ago is now the centrepiece of an innovative idea by Aurora Flight Sciences. As suggested by the title of a 2011 patent application (#20120048996 published on 1 March), “System and method for the retrieval of […]

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Plane Food 737.JPG

Boeing 737 to be garnish for Southern Cookin’

This Boeing 737-200 (N219PA) that I spotted on approach to Runway 22 at the Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 12 March will look quite a bit more tasty in the near future… According to sources, the former Pace Airlines workhorse will be hauled in the near future to a location in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina metro […]

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