Boeing 737 to be garnish for Southern Cookin’

Plane Food 737.JPG

This Boeing 737-200 (N219PA) that I spotted on approach to Runway 22 at the Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 12 March will look quite a bit more tasty in the near future…

According to sources, the former Pace Airlines workhorse will be hauled in the near future to a location in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina metro area where it will be reunited with its wings and empennage to become a restuarant called “Plane Food”. 

The winged “diner” is no other than Boeing aircraft S/N 19956 (according to the website, which started life as a United Airlines passenger hauler from 1969 through 1997 before becoming the property of the new-defunct Pace Airlines. And, retirement as a food joint seems to be favourable to being banished to the bone yard, or worse yet, the scrap yard.

I know of a few similar ventures, including DC-6 diner at the Coventry Airport in the UK, the KC-97 Airplane Restuarant in Colorado Springs, and Boeing 727 doubling as a hotel in Costa Rica. Anyone been to any?

I wish the new owner of S/N19956 much luck, and hope to visit some time.


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