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Sun n’ Fun with Flight Design

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Cirrus phrophesizes big news on 18 April

Cirrus Aircraft says it will unveil “The Next Leap Forward” on 18 April, next Wednesday. What could it be? We knew of several things the company was working on, including path forward for its single-engine jet, the SF50 Vision, which the company was to begin discussing in January 2012 but did not. Cirrus had also […]

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PiperJet FLA air museum 4.JPG

Florida Air Museum is resting place for PiperJet

One of the most interesting sites at the Sun n’ Fun aviation gathering in Lakeland, Florida last week was a retired aircraft I found, not on the flight line, but sitting in front of the Florida Air Museum down the road. The PiperJet prototype in all it’s DC-10-like glory now graces the museum (where in […]

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