Eerie end to Erie Evektor

What looks from the NTSB factual report to be a bobbled soft-field takeoff in an Evektor SportStar by a light sport student pilot turned out to be a close call for he and his instructor as well as for a homeowner adjacent to the Erie Municipal airport in Erie, Colorado on 14 June.

The instructor took over as the aircraft drifted to the right after liftoff, but things couldn’t be righted.

“The aircraft had just enough airspeed to respond to a climb when the instructor pulled back on the control stick in order to clear the home,” the NTSB writes. “The aircraft momentarily climbed, the right wing clipped a portion of the roof, and then lost altitude and impacted the driveway on the east side of the house before sliding across the street and coming to a stop.”

And when the NTSB says “coming to a stop”, they mean it…

Evector Erie Colo crash.JPG




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