FAA: How and How-Not to put out a laptop fire

I found a very interesting video from the FAA’s fire experts at its William J. Hughes Technical Centre at the Atlantic City International airport in New Jersey today while researching a story about new non-Halon 1211 fire extinguishers for airline cabins. Not your typical General Aviation blog for me, but some things you might like to […]

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Tecnam Tail dragger.JPG

Newest P92 Variant Proves Tecnam Not Dragging Its Tail

In parallel with completing a new piston-powered 11-seat twin (the P2012 Traveller), a new four-place single (the P2010). an amphibious light sport (the P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane), Tecnam today revealed its newest product, the P92 Tail Dragger light sport. While going from tricycle landing gear to tail dragger might at first seem to go against the grain, the company […]

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Guardian Flight crash.JPG

Rock Springs Roll – Do You *Really* Know Your Mechanic?

The thing that caught my eye about this NTSB preliminary accident report on a Guardian Flight Bell 407 prang in Rock Springs, Wyoming on 13 December, was the following line: “The passengers reported that the pilot, who was an employee of Guardian Flight, immediately departed the scene”. The reasons for that departure became clear after a […]

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Tecnam P92 Sea Sky.JPG

UPDATE: Tecnam boosts LSA lustre with Sea-Sky offering

I Received pricing and availability data for the Sea-Sky from Tecnam North American CEO Phil Solomon this morning: The models on offer will be available as fully factory delivered aircraft with everything needed for amphib or normal land operation and run at just under $159,900 for an Echo Classic with Garmin SL40, Garmin GTX 327, Garmin Aera […]

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C150 Springdale AZ Feb 12.JPG

Accident as Art 2011 – A slideshow

Here’s my second annual Accident as Art (AaA) exhibition. Last year’s definition of AaA still holds: Painful as wrecked aeroplanes are to behold, there’s an artform in the lines and curves that beset our fallen angels. Below is the slideshow of 2011 accident pictures that I found artful in some way. Photos were pulled from US National […]

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#PaxEx Holiday Advice: Seatbelts and Good Will toward Men

Hey airline travelers, do your fellow humans a favour this holiday season (and any other time for that matter) by staying in your seats when the pilot, who’s paid to do more than just sound professional on the intercomm, keeps that little overhead seatbelt fastened light illuminated. To ignore the cute little lighted cartoon is […]

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Seasons Greetings, Canadian style

I’m not exactly sure what motivates a helicopter crew to do what five members of the Canadian rescue forces at Base Comox on the western coast of the country did with an AgustaWestland AW101 “Comorant” nearly one year ago, but I’m sure one hiker is glad they did.   I’m also not sure how cost […]

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Air Tractor and the Thanksgiving blessing

That Brent Hampton will spend Thanksgiving on Thursday with his wife and newborn son in Portageville, Missouri, at all is testament to the toughness of an Air Tractor. I’m not promoting the company, I’m just amazed for the second time this month at the ability of this metal workhorse to give pilots a second chance. […]

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Waco prang 2.JPG

These boots are made for walkin, not flyin

While it took the Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation months to construct John Weber’s beautitful brand new Waco YMF-F5C (N415WW, s/n F5C-8-126), as shown in this time-lapse video on YouTube, it took Weber only seconds to deconstruct it in Moriarty, New Mexico on 16 October. Weber and a passenger, one Charles Conquergood, were on a long […]

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Air Tractor – Built to serve and protect

I would not like to be a participant in an aircraft crash, but if I were forced to do so, I’d want to be riding in an Air Tractor. Exhibit One: A healthy stream of comments, many by ag pilots, to my YouTube post about the landing crash of a militarized AT-802U variant in October 2010 have […]

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