YouTube Find: A Piper Salesman in the Making?

Piper Aircraft may have second thoughts about its shelving of the Altaire single-engine business jet once they see this video. Of course, by the time this lad gets out of college, the market might just about be ready for the product.

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VIDEO: e-volo flies first manned electric multicopter

German company e-volo says it has successfully flown its manned 16-rotor electric multicopter in the southwest of Germany in “late October”. Test pilot Thomas Senkel flew the fly-by-wire copter for 90 seconds for the flight. According to the company: The automatic attitude and directional control are taken care of by multiple separate and mutually monitoring […]

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O’Grady’s “Oh Sh#$” Saturday

Kevin O’Grady of Dublin, Ohio probably wished he had been in the other Dublin on Saturday, October 15 rather than at Packer Field (5E9) trying to fly his 1964 Piper PA28-235 (N8746W). Unable to start the low-wing single the usual way (battery ON, mixture RICH, prime, pump throttle, yell “CLEAR”, engage ignition switch), O’Grady decided […]

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The Albatross around Albatross Air’s neck

Beaver, West Virginia-based Albatross Air has one around its neck. It would appear that maintenance and an otherwise intelligent decision not to top the tanks caused a serious crash of one its charters, a Beechcraft 58 Baron (N86BR), in a Rainelle, West Virginia backyard on 18 September 2010. Albatross is a charter, flight instruction and […]

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Backflop on the Salt Flat

Utah-based private pilot Bradley Kalmar may want to get his eye glasses checked. The low-time private pilot was out looking for a place to practice “off-airport” landings on 14 September when he recieved a hard lesson in soft-field etiquette. As far as a location to do an off-airport landing, it’s hard to imagine there’d be […]

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Lightning, Hydrogen Baloons and Bad Planning: A sad finale for 2 adventurers

In late October last year, I had written the post, pictured to the left, about an NTSB investigation into the 29 September 2010 hydrogen balloon downing that had likely killed sport balloonists and adventurers Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis over the Adriatic sea as they took part in a race. At the time, they […]

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Geezer goes down in Grangeville

Seventy-four year-old John Bokk of Winthrop, Washington is one lucky geezer. Bokk just barely escaped from his crashed Cessna 170A on 28 August before it burst into flames. What exactly happened on departure from the private airstrip in Grangeville, Idaho depends on who Bokk is talking to, apparently. Either way, he’s ok and the aeroplane’s […]

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Heads-up on Honeywell Heads-down

Proponents of using avionics and forward-looking sensors to map the world outside of the cockpit all the way to the ground, independent of weather, typically believe that to accomplish the so-called “equivalent visual operations”, you need to see the video from the infrared sensor on a head-up display. “Head-up, eyes-out,” as they say. Honeywell doesn’t […]

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Mystery aviator at large in Maine

I don’t have a picture for the prang I’m about to tell you about, but if I had to guess what it might have looked like just before impact, I’d use this one from Russia… See what you think. The NTSB yesterday put up a preliminary report about a bizarre accident in Monmouth, Maine on […]

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Losing Lopes in Los Banos

Three things impress me about 40-year-old agricultural helo pilot Brandon Adeal of Turlock, California. One – Adeal received only minor injuries in an early morning crash on 21 August as he sprayed a cantaloupe field near Los Banos. According to Adeal and the NTSB preliminary report, the main rotor of his Soloy turbine-powered Bell 47G-4 […]

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