Heli-Expo 2009: Quote of the Show

“I only have one question — When are you gonna paint a Red Bull on the side of that thing….”   Red Bull aerobatic helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron to Sikorsky X2 test pilot Kevin Bredenbeck during an X2 update at the Heli-Expo show in Anaheim, California this week.

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Heli-Expo 2009: Sikorsky X2 update

Sikorsky chief test pilot Kevin Bredenbeck says the he’ll have the X2 advanced technology demonstrator flying at speeds of 250kt or more by the third or fourth quarter this year. That’s a huge leap from where the aircraft has been so far – three test flights that saw forward speeds less than 40kt and a total […]

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Heli-Expo 2009: Carson techs teach old S-dog new tricks

Frank Carson, president of Pennsylvania-based Carson Helicopters (and self-proclaimed avid reader of Flight International) says he has sold 60 sets of his company’s performance boosting composite main rotor blades for the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter since receiving an STC for the modification in 2004.   Carson spoke with me today at the Heli Expo 2009 show […]

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Heli-Expo 2009: Eurocopter smacks down technology gauntlet

Don’t take my word for it, but Eurocopter has quite publicly thrown down the technology gauntlet in the helicopter world, an aerospace sector where it dominates with 51% market share, though one where it rarely trumpets the details of its advanced R&D. Speaking to reporters at the Heli-Expo show in Anaheim, California, yesterday morning, Eurocopter […]

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Cox: Using resonance to break the ice

With all the attention on pneumatic de-icing boots from the Colgan 3407 Q400 disaster in Buffalo last week, I was curious to see if any new technologies have been put to use to crack ice off the leading edge of lifting surfaces. One very promising advance is a low-power “electro-mechanical expulsion deicing system” (EMEDS) built […]

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Yusuke’s MAV-alous mini

We’ve seen what Japanese inventor Yusuke Takahashi can do with flapping wing birds the size of a hawk, but check out what he’s done with a micro air vehicle in the hummingbird-class (60mm wingspan) micro air vehicle (MAV). Takahashi-san, we are humbled… If any readers have information about Takahashi’s ornithopter works in Osaka, please do tell.

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GPS and the Wilmington crap shoot

A Cessna 550 (Citation II) arriving in Wilmington, North Carolina (KILM) early in on the morning of 4 January might as well of been coming in from Las Vegas.   It actually was en-route to North Carolina from Santa Domingo, where five very lucky passengers boarded the twin-engine light jet late the night before, according […]

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FAA to pilots: Turn the ear candy off!

    An aviation safety inspector on a routine check of an air carrier crew recently discovered that what applies to the back of the airplane doesn’t necessarily apply to the business end.   According to a US Federal Aviation Administration Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFO) released today, an air safety inspector reviewing an airline […]

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Colgan 3407 final transmissions

Here are the final transmissions between Colgan 3407 and Buffalo Approach air traffic controllers the night of 12 February 2009, moments before the Bombardier Q400 plunged to the ground from 2,300ft as pilots prepared to make an instrument approach to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in snow and icing conditions. Audio segments have been edited […]

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Google map – Colgan crash site wrt to Airport

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