Colgan 3407 final approach chronology

Air traffic contol tapes that have surfaced regarding last night’s fatal crash of a Colgan Air Bombardier Q400 (flying as a Continental Express) on approach to New York’s Buffalo Niagara International Airport after a flight from Newark indicate that pilots were in the final stages of the approach and would have begun configuring the aircraft for landing, […]

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Once around the patch with BfP


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Florida pilot pays the ultimate price

I’ll start by saying I’ve done many stupid things as pilot-in-command during 30 years of general aviation flying, some I can chalk up to inexperience or youth, some I can’t. So it is with an open mind (and heavy heart) that I read the US National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report on an accident that […]

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Buddy, can you spare me a DC-3?

The National Test Pilot School in Mojave, California, is in need of a DC-3 to replace the C-47 Turbo Dakota that it lost due to a takeoff accident on 4 February. N834TP was destroyed after the two pilots, one instructor pilot from NTPS and one Korean Air Force student pilot, inadvertently took off with full […]

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Yusuke on the Danube

I don’t normally combine the sensation of flight with classical music, but something about Yusuke Takahashi’s elegant flapping bird made me think of the immortal waltz, the Blue Danube. See for yourself. I’ve taken the liberty of combining Takahashi’s test flight on 17 January, captured in low resolution from the flappingwing channel on YouTube and […]

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