Announcing the arrival of Asian Skies

Welcome to Asian Skies! This is the Flight Asia Pacific team’s way of sharing our opinion about the aerospace industry with those who are keen on the region as well.

Asian airlines account for a large number of new aircraft orders, defence contractors have a big presence here as armed forces modernise their fleets, and the business jet sector is registering the fastest growth rates in the world.

 Yet there is also an acute shortage of pilots in the region, governments still refuse to coordinate policies due to narrow nationalistic interests, and the investment in much needed infrastructure has not kept up with the growth.

 Issues like these make us glad to be in Asia, writing about an industry with so many hopes, challenges and opportunities. These are interesting times, and we hope that this blog will help us to navigate through them.

We want to know what you think too, so please leave a comment or an opinion about the topics that we raise. Together, we can have a useful discussion about Asian skies.

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