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Chinese models

You get the usual array of interesting aircraft models at any air show, and Airshow China in Zhuhai earlier this month was no different.The Chinese were keen to display their latest unmanned aircraft although, predictably, there was very little information forthcoming on the level of development for each programme.Perhaps, that has something to do with […]

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Indian moods

If anyone wonders why India adamantly pursues expensive indigenous defence projects, Anil Ananthaswamy’s excellent article about the country’s space programme in our sister magazine New Scientist offers some insights.In 1998, the USA and other western countries imposed economic and technological sanctions on India after it tested a nuclear device. That pushed its scientists to develop […]

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Not always the service that you get.

Not always a great way to fly

Given the challenging times that lie ahead, you would expect carriers to do all they can to keep their customers happy. Unfortunately, as my recent experience with Singapore Airlines shows, that is not always the case.Let me say first, though, that I really do like SIA. They normally have great service, their connectivity out of […]

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