Cessna fightback campaign

cessna pic (Custom).gifCessna has launched a topical ad campaign in US newspapers to counter a wave of negative publicity business jet owners have received in recent weeks from US lawmakers.

These lawmakers on Capitol Hill have publicly criticised some automotive and bank bosses for using corporate jets while seeking billions of dollars in government aid. And as a consequence the corporate jet, in the minds of some, has become a symbol of corporate greed and excess.

The bosses of the big three automakers – Chrysler, Ford and GE – have all responded by promising to stop using corporate jets.

And the CEO of Citigroup has promised to stop ordering new corporate jets.

But in the rush to vilify corporate excess, some US politicians have forgotten that the US is major manufacturer of business jets and a lot of Americans’ livelihoods depend on business aviation.

Cessna is fighting back with a hard-hitting print campaign that says true corporate visionaries will continue to fly rather than cower to Capitol Hill.

The decision to have the ad campaign in newspapers is a wise one because a lot of the debate over corporate jets has been in the major US dailies.

It is also a lot quicker and cost effective to produce a series of print ads and because Cessna is responding to a topical issue, timing is everything.

The folks at Cessna also realise that a true marketing campaign is more than just few print ads.

In other words, to be truly effective, a campaign has to make use of several marketing methods and be integrated.

As you can see from this video from Fox Business news, Cessna has backed up its print campaign with a PR campaign in the news media.


To see one of the print ads, click on this link.


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