It could have been me

SIA A380 millionth.jpg

Singapore Airlines celebrated the carriage of its one millionth Airbus A380 passenger yesterday and I’m not bitter that it wasn’t me. Really, I’m very pleased for Mr Royston Pollard, who along with his wife Eileen won an upgrade to business class, a three-night stay at Singapore’s famous Raffles Hotel and plenty of other nice gifts. It’s a good thing I’m not the jealous sort, otherwise I might resent the fact that it wasn’t me.

How close I came to being that one millionth passenger. I recently took my first flights on the aircraft, to and from my company’s head office in London, and by my guess I was somewhere near to being passenger number 950,000 on the return leg.

My SIA friends tell me it’s too difficult to find out what actual passenger number I was but that gives me a licence to speculate and make my own guestimate. So here we go: I’m estimating SIA is averaging a 75% load factor on its eight A380 flights per day (two round-trip London services, one round-trip Sydney service and one round-trip Tokyo service). That means a few more than 350 passengers per flight or a little more than 2,800 passengers per day, multiplied by the 18 days since my last flight and it comes to just over 50,000. Subtract that from one million and you get 950,000.

No luck this time but fingers crossed for the two million mark. By that time SIA will also be flying the A380 to Paris. Unfortunately my maths skills are not good enough to tell me when that milestone might be reached.


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