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Thailand’s tourism authority and its hotel association have launched a national drink called the Siam Sunray in an effort to boost the country’s travel and tourism sector, which has been taking a beating.

With ongoing political troubles that have led to revolving door governments starting with a military coup in 2006, many foreigners have been going elsewhere for their holidays. Things were not helped late last year by the closure for more than a week of Bangkok’s two airports by political protesters. Hundreds of thousands of people were stranded in Thailand as authorities sat by and did nothing to clear them away to get the economy moving again.

The country’s tourism sector has been hurting badly as a result and its airlines, which rely heavily on leisure traffic, have been in real trouble, as we have been writing about in Airline Business.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand hopes to change that with its national drink, which it calls “Thailand in a glass”. It says in its announcement launching the Siam Sunray that it is hoped the new cocktail will help boost the allure of Thailand and become “a part of global cosmopolitan culture” – the same way that it claims the Singapore Sling, Cuban Mojito and New York’s Manhattan have become.

“Successful signature drinks are one way to fast track holiday destinations on to the world tourism map, and can contribute some added identity to the local food and beverage scene in the hospitality and tourism industry,” it says.

Good on them for trying, but somehow I think it is going to take a lot more than a national drink to get people flying to Thailand again.

If you want to make one for yourself, read on for the recipe, care of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.Siam Sunray Cocktail Recipe


30-40 ml. of Smirnoff vodka
30 ml. of coconut liqueur
15 ml. of syrup
ΒΌ cm. of Thai chilli pepper
3 slices of young ginger
1 Kaffir lime leaf
3 slivers of lemon grass
3 drops of lime juice
Soda water


Crush the small Thai chilli pepper, young ginger, Kaffir lime leaf, andlemon grass together in a shaker to bring out the aroma and flavour ofthe Thai herbs.
Add syrup, lime juice and Smirnoff and shake well.
Strain into a glass with ice; top up with soda water; garnish with chilli, lemon grass and a slice of lime.

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