China a threat to the west?

chinese flag 3.gif yesterday published a news story on Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China’s (Comac) move to fast-track development of its new 150-seat aircraft, the Comac 919.

Shortly after this story went out, bloggers from the US were quick to seize on the story.

They highlighted the very last sentence of the story which was that Comac decided to bring forward the aircraft’s entry into service to 2016 from 2020 so the 919 would get to market before Airbus and Boeing had a chance to trump it with new aircraft types more advanced than the current Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

It was clear from reading the bloggers’ postings that they see China as a competitive threat.

Quite frankly, I think the US and other western countries have to stop seeing China as a threat and instead see China as an opportunity.

Western countries should come to terms with the fact that China is on the fast-track to becoming a technologically advanced nation and refrain from trying to hold China back.

Better to co-operate with China and help in its development. That way western companies can benefit financially from China’s success.

To see the story, click on this link.



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