Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s billionaires is out and it’s badnews for India’s flamboyant airline tycoons, Jet Airways’ Naresh Goyaland Kingfisher Airlines’ Vijay Mallya. Both have been downgraded to the rank of multi-millionaire.

A year ago Forbes estimated Goyal’s (pictured right) net worth at $1.4 billion but itsays this has fallen by around $1.1 billion as thevalue of his publicly traded airline plummeted.

Mallya’s net worth was estimated at $1.2 billion a year ago but Forbessays this has fallen by around $900 million.

Click hereto read what Vijay Mallya had to say when I asked him a few years agowhether he had heard the old industry joke that the easiest way tomake a small fortune in the airline business is to start with a large one.

For the full Forbes list of India’s billionaires-turned-millionaires, click here.

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