So you wanna be an AirAsia pilot?


Always wanted to be a pilot? Then start banging away on the keyboard, and your dream job may be waiting at AirAsia.

The Malaysian low-cost carrier is having an online “pilot idol”, inviting aspiring pilots to post on its AirAsia corporate blog on why they should be invited to join the airline. Further details will be available on the blog later this week.

For now, we know that the candidates must include videos, photos, essays or a combination of those on their post. AirAsia will then pick 10 winners for the first round of its pilot intake in August, and subject them to further tests to see if they are eligible to continue with the course.

The airline’s chief executive Tony Fernandes, writing on his personal blog, says that he has been inundated with questions on how to become a pilot and this is an opportunity for those who are keen to join the carrier.

Now, I wonder if AirAsia might have a similar contest to find flight stewardesses? That would be immensely popular on the internet. So Tony, if you ever decide to do that, can I be one of the judges please?


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