VIDEO: AirAsia spells out criteria for online pilot competition

The team at Malaysian budget-carrier AirAsia have come up with a pretty good, and sometimes funny, video (see below) about their online competition to select a pilot.

They have also spelt out the criteria for potential applicants in a post on their corporate blog. It appears as though only Malaysian citizens will be able to apply. Nonetheless, this is still a unique method for attracting pilots to the airline, and there appears to be a bit of leeway in the way they will assess the applicants.

“There is a bit of leniency here where those with close to our requirements will also be seriously considered if they can prove that they want the job badly enough instead of getting cut from the get go. We’re open to more cases and they get a shot at their dream which is unique where airline companies typically raise their judgements purely based on academic cut offs due to the immense response from their intakes,” says Derek Tan, the airline’s corporate blogger.

“We’re trying to open doors to the hopefuls and get people excited that their dreams not done yet. That is the key message that everyone can fly. What we are looking for is definitely creatively in expressing how much you want to be a pilot as per our demo video, which we have uploaded. Through this, we’re trying to get that message out that AirAsia’s fun and friendly credo is extended also to pilots and we know why we want to be one.”


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