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Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI

First Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI crash

An Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter crashed early Thursday morning while on a routine training exercise, killing one of the two pilots on board.This the first time than an Indian Su-30 has crashed and a board on inquiry has been formed to look into the incident, says the service. Its Su-30 fleet has not […]

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Emirates A340.jpg

Australia’s ATSB points to cause of Emirates A340 tail strike

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) today released its preliminary factual report into the Emirates A340-500 tail-strike that occurred on 20 March at Australia’s Melbourne Airport. The report said that soon after the tail-strike happened “the crew noticed that an incorrect weight had been inadvertently entered into the laptop when completing the take-off performance calculations […]

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SIA A380

SIA has moved on from China Eastern love affair

China Eastern Airlines is reportedly fluttering its eyes at Singapore Airlines once again, which is a bit rich after the abrupt way in which SIA’s advances were spurned the last time around.In any case, SIA does not appear to be keen now and that is hardly surprising. It has problems of its own in the […]

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Airport timetable

Cool heads necessary when dealing with swine virus

Just when people thought that things could not get any worse for the reeling aerospace industry, here comes the “swine flu” to deal another blow. Whether we will be down for the count depends on the findings and decisions made by the scientific and medical communities, and various governments, in the coming days.The way and […]

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Boeing CH-47F Chinook

Australia moves on Chinooks, but still no white paper

Another one of Australia’s defence requirements is being filled after the US government said that it plans to sell seven Boeing CH-47F Chinook (above) heavy lift helicopters to Canberra.Yet, there is still no sign of the country’s defence white paper. It looks like many of the key military procurement decisions are being made ahead of […]

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swine flu.jpg

Swine flu threatens to be bigger problem than SARS to aviation industry

Swine flu threatens to adversely affect international passenger traffic and could be even worse than 2003′s SARS outbreak. In early 2003 when the SARS outbreak was first reported in Hong Kong, airline bosses around the world were too complacent. I remember attending a Star Alliance conference in Seoul when the news of SARS first broke. Not a single airline CEO made […]

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Raghu Menon

Air India needs to move fast on key appointment

What gives at Air India? The Indian state-owned carrier has eased out Raghu Menon (above) as chairman and managing director after only a year in-charge due to differences between him and civil aviation minister Praful Patel.The Indian media have been speculating about the reasons, but one thing is for sure – the civil servants who […]

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Cessna XLS in Tibet second photo

Photo: Cessna Citation XLS at world’s highest airport

Talk about flying high! Here are some photos of the Cessna Citation XLS at Tibet’s Qamdo Bangda Airport, the world’s highest airport at 14,219ft (4,334m). What a view the pilots must have had.These were taken while the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) conducted tests at the airport to certify the aircraft for operations at […]

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Airbus Tianjin pic for blog.jpg

Tianjin the next Toulouse

Beijing’s port city of Tianjin is fast becoming the centre of aerospace in China and even the whole of Asia. It is home to the first Airbus A320 assembly plant outside of Europe. Boeing, meanwhile, has a company in Tianjin called BHA that specialises in the manufacture of composite parts for aircraft. Chinese aerospace firms too are investing […]

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V Australia 777 (Custom).jpg

V Australia failing to live up to its namesake

Virgin Blue’s long-haul operation V Australia, which launched operations earlier this year, today announced it has delayed the delivery of two Boeing 777-300ERs, a further sign of the impact the economy is having on aircraft-makers. It is also a sign of how changing circumstances can leave a business plan in tatters. V Australia has been […]

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