Going green with business aviation in Asia

Planting trees with PATT

Call it corporate travel with a conscience. Bangkok-based OrientSKYs, a business jet charter company, is giving its clients the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions on their flights.

“As far as I know, we are the only private jet charter company in Asia who currently offer our clients the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions. Furthermore, the cost of this program typically represents less than one third of 1% of the total booking price,” says Trevor Merszei, director of marketing and sales at OrientSKYs.

OrientSKYs partners Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation, a UK-registered charity with an office in Thailand, to calculate the cost of the hourly carbon dioxide emission rates for all the aircraft that it operates. The money goes directly to PATT, which will plant trees within its “carbon free” project in Northeast Thailand.

Sure, this might help some corporate types who find it hard to sleep at night worrying about their carbon footprint. But will it go far enough to appease some of the more strident environmentalists who have set their guns on the aviation industry? I doubt it. But hey, at least it is a start!


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