No Australian white paper – yet

Oops! My bad. Today’s announcement by Australia’s defence minister was on the findings of the community consultation segment of the defence white paper – and not the actual report itself. Apologies for being too quick off the mark.

Not surprisingly, the consultations found that Australians do not want their country to go beyond the current A$22 billion defence budget. Doh! Does anyone really want their government to increase defence spending in the middle of an economic crisis – especially one touted as the worst since the Great Depression?

Anyways, Australia’s defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon reiterated this morning that the actual defence white paper will be released “in the very near future”. We have been waiting since December, the original deadline. Please Mr Fitzgibbon, could you just end the suspense for all of us as soon as possible? We are weary with anticipation…


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