Tianjin the next Toulouse

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Beijing’s port city of Tianjin is fast becoming the centre of aerospace in China and even the whole of Asia.

It is home to the first Airbus A320 assembly plant outside of Europe. Boeing, meanwhile, has a company in Tianjin called BHA that specialises in the manufacture of composite parts for aircraft.

Chinese aerospace firms too are investing heavily in Tianjin. Xian Aircraft has a factory under-construction next to the Airbus Tianjin plant that will be used for the final assembly and equipping of Airbus A320 wings.

And Xian Aircraft’s parent AVIC has decided to build a helicopter factory at Tianjin and Airbus is considering having some Airbus A350 manufacturing work done in Tianjin.

Besides, aircraft makers there are also a myriad of aerospace suppliers that are investing in Tianjin.

The list includes PPG Aerospace, Goodrich and RUAG to name a few.

I know personally, I was pretty impressed with Tianjin Free Trade Zone, where all the aerospace firms are set up.

There’s a new high-speed train, which I caught, that takes you from Beijing to Tianjin’s city-centre in about 20 minutes.

I visited Tianjin late last year to see the new Airbus Tianjin assembly plant and I was impressed with how modern and orderly it was. There is no doubt Tianjin has the potential to be one of the top aerospace centres in the world.

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