Deccan’s Gopinath writing autobiography for HarperCollins

Last night I spoke to Capt GR Gopinath who has just finished campaigning in India’s parliamentary elections where he is competing as an independent in the Bangalore south constituency.

The reason I called him was to ask about his new cargo and logistics company but before we got onto that topic he mentioned that he has a book deal with HarperCollins, which is publishing his autobiography.

He says it will tell the story of him growing up in India and going on to found Air Deccan, India’s first low-cost carrier. Air Deccan was really the one that paved that way for the liberalisation of India’s civil aviation market.

He later sold Air Deccan to the owners of Kingfisher Airlines who then promptly rebranded the business Kingfisher Red.

But the Deccan brand is set to return again. Gopinath is currently in the final stages of launching his new cargo airline and integrated logistics firm Deccan 360.

It is now waiting to receive its AOC but already has one Airbus A310 in India and ready to go for the launch of operations on 19 May.

Gopinath and the firm’s business analyst Tejdeep Khokhar were good enough to send me these exclusive pictures of the aircraft’s livery. I must say I like the BIG 360.


A310-fuselage (Custom) (3).jpg

A310 Deccan for AS.jpg


A310 for AS2.jpg

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