PICTURES: 787 in ANA livery

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I just received some pictures from ANA showing the second 787 test aircraft painted in ANA livery and decided to post them on the blog ASAP.

Having a 787 in ANA livery is a real marketing coup for ANA because these pictures are sure to grab a lot of attention and raise its awareness.

It also means ANA will get TV footage of an ANA 787 months before it takes delivery. This will be really helpful if ANA want to do a TV commercial promoting the fact they will be the first to fly the 787 in February 2010.

The pictures ANA sent me were taken yesterday, possibly late in the afternoon, and show the 787 leaving the paint hangar at Boeing’s Everett factory.

Boeing is due to have the first flight of the 787 before the end of June.

This particular aircraft is 787 number two so it will only be used for test purposes. ANA’s first aircraft to be delivered will in fact be 787 number seven, ANA’s spokesman told me today.

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