The gloves are on in fight against swine flu


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Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew that have worked in the same section of an aircraft later found to have carried people infected with swine flu are now required – by the airline – to be taken off the roster for seven days, SIA’s spokesman tells me today.

The airline has also implemented a requirement that the aircraft is to be disinfected with “industrial strength” disinfectant and that all the seat covers of the infected persons and those seats in the adjoining three rows front and back are to be removed, he says.

The measures were implemented a few days ago – at the behest of Singapore’s ministry of health – because an SIA flight from the USA carried a passenger who later tested positive to the swine flu virus.

I wonder in the this post-swine flu and post-SARS infected world whether airlines will have to take stronger measures to protect their cabin crew and other staff. Maybe face masks and plastic gloves will become the norm. But it is not all bad, maybe SIA can have a competition looking at fashionable ways to incorporate plastic gloves into the cabin crew’s attire. The designer above has come up with a novel way to make plastic gloves look chic and sexy.


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  1. 340Z350 1 June, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    Perhaps these gloves, coupled with Uma-Thurman-in-Kill-Bill-like suit will add extra protection.

    The gloves and the ‘short’ uniform would mean less skin protection and colds from the cold cabin air.

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