Virgin Blue’s navel gazing


Today I received a press release announcing a new ad campaign from Virgin Blue. I was hoping I could write something positive in light of the fact that I still think Virgin Blue’s ad agency Cummins & Partners is a great ad agency and one of the best in Australia. But I really can’t think of something positive to say about this campaign (other than it has good production values). But in terms of campaign strategy, it falls into the trap that a lot of clients make. Some clients make the mistake of doing ads that talk to them rather than talk to the consumer.

This latest campaign talks about how Virgin Blue has changed the domestic aviation market and how 10 years ago some people would drive from Melbourne to Sydney but now people fly because air fares now so much cheaper than 10 years ago.

But we are talking about something that happened nearly 10 years ago. Who cares?

I know Virgin Blue wants to talk up its achievements over the years but does the consumer really care? The answer is no.

They want to know what Virgin Blue has new to offer today.

All I can think is that Virgin Blue must have given the ad agency this misguided brief. As ad agency people often say – clients get the advertising they deserve. 

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