Missing IAF AN-32 pushes modernisation to the fore again

IAF AN-32.jpg

Another Indian Air Force aircraft is believed to have crashed, this time an Antonov AN-32 transport aircraft (similar to the one pictured above) with 12 people reportedly on board. This follows the crash of a Sukhoi Su-30MKI earlier in 2009 and several fatal incidents involving other IAF aircraft over the last year.

We still do not know what happened with the AN-32, but what is clear is that the IAF needs to push ahead with its modernisation programme and replace a lot of its ageing aircraft sooner rather than later.

It is simply too costly to maintain so many old aircraft, and the chances of unfortunate incidents like a crash increase as time passes by.


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  1. Captain Cesar Huanqui 17 November, 2009 at 8:57 am #

    Greatings from Peruvian Air Force – PERU – SOUTHAMERICA

    I am Captain Cesar Huanqui, chief of Instruction Department of 843th Air Squad (Peruvian Air Force). We are flying Antonov An-32 and An32b, the best short-middle range military cargo aircraft in our region.

    The purpose of this email is to make a first contact to Indian Air Force-25th Squad “Himalayan Eagles” who flyies Antonov An32 too.

    It could be great if our squads share some information, procedures, flying technics, multimedia (pictures, videos, etc).
    Our pilots go every year to Kirovograde, Ukraine for simulator training in emergency procedures, and in PERU we use to fly in “hot and high” airports like Juliaca (12552 fts), Jauja (11034 fts), Cusco (10780 fts), Ayacucho (8917 fts), Chachapoyas (8333 fts), etc.
    Of course we fly in Cost and Amazonia too (include non prepared short runways).

    Thats why we think it could be interesting in the future to make some visits to your Squad and interchange knowledge and procedures flying in such a difficult “altiports”.
    And of course, you can visit our Squad in PERU whenever you want, and see how we fly here.

    In my opinion, INDIA and PERU are identical in territory: a cost, a vaste jungle, and a super high mountains (Himalaya and Andes).

    Well, i hope you can help me making contact to the 25th Squad.
    It could be richfull for peruvians and IAF pilots.

    Thanks for your colaboration.

    Cap Cesar Huanqui

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