Paris 2009: AIDC could make parts for China’s Comac 919

Comac 919.jpg

Cross-straits ties are set for a further boost through the aerospace industry if Taiwan’s AIDC wins a contract to be a supplier for China’s upcoming narrowbody passenger aircraft.

AIDC officials yesterday confirmed that they could help Commercial Aircraft Corp of China’s (Comac) manufacture flaps, slats, leading edge flaps, rudders, elevators and belly fairings.

China has regarded Taiwan as a renegade province since its ruling communists won a civil war in the mainland in 1949 and there were only irregular air links between the two until last year.

That changed after Ma Ying Jeou became Taiwan’s president in May 2008, and regular direct charter flights began last July. In April this year, Taiwan and China agreed to allow scheduled services and for more cargo and passenger flights.

AIDC’s president George Shiah may want to avoid the political aspects of the deal. But it would be stretching things to think that in China, where the state runs the aerospace manufacturing industry, there isn’t some form of recognition right at the top of the government that this would be a big boost to bilateral relations. And that can only be a good sign.


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