PARIS 2009: Asian airlines to the rescue?

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Aircraft orders are usually the biggest news in air shows, but that has certainly been scarce in Paris this time as the global economic crisis bites in.

So it has been left to the Asian airlines to make many of the headlines in what has generally been a rather slow show.

AirAsia X has ordered 10 Airbus A350-900s, Vietnam airlines said yes to 16 Airbus A321s and two ATR 72-500s and signed a memorandum of understanding for two more A350-900s, Cebu Pacific inked a deal for another five Airbus A320s.

There is something to be said about all of these airlines, which appear to have sensible long-term business plans. And so unlike the Indian airlines, who have been conspicuous by their absence this time and are now the victims of their own doing.

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