PARIS 2009: Boeing eyes Indian military contracts

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India is becoming an increasingly important market for Boeing, with many of the company’s military products corresponding to the country’s ongoing requirements.

Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing IDS, said in Paris that the company is looking at strategies to win the highly lucrative Indian contracts that could be worth in excess of $20 billion in the next few years.

 ”India is looking for tactical aircraft, maritime patrol, heavy lifthelicopters, tactical transport aircraft, attack helicopters and evenairborne early warning systems in the future. We can offer something inall of those segments and the country is a great opportunity,”he says.

The company made a breakthrough in the country earlier this year when it signed a deal for eight P-8 Poseidon long-range maritime patrol aircraft in a $2.1 billion deal. Its F/A-18E/F fighter is also in contention in India’s medium multi-role combat aircraft competition that could be worth $10-12 billion. The CH-47F Chinook heavy lift helicopters and AH-64D Apache attack helicopters are also in the running in existing requirements, while New Delhi has also issued a request for information for tactical transport aircraft for which Boeing is offering the C-17.

International markets are very important for Boeing, which is facing numerous challenges in the domestic US sector. The company, however, faces a lot of competition from the likes of Lockheed Martin and EADS, which have also taken steps to establish themselves in India in recent years.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out over the next few years, and all eyes will certainly be on India.


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  1. cleaning contracts 3 July, 2009 at 11:23 pm #

    This sounds like a great deal for Boeing and India itself. Billion dollar contracts will always be welcome. India need the technology of today to stave of the threat of terrorism and rebels wanting to reek havoc on the worlds largest democracy.

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