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AirAsia X another A330.jpg

Is AirAsia X a threat to Middle East carriers?

AirAsia X is eyeing a “virtual hub” in the Middle East, possibly in either Abu Dhabi or Bahrain.That is an interesting move for the carrier, which needs to deploy its aircraft beyond the 8-hour limit in order to maximise the yields and grow new markets.I wonder, though, how Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways or Bahrain’s Gulf […]

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PICTURE: Eurocopter and KAI roll out utility helicopter

Korea Aerospace Industries and Eurocopter rolled out the first Korean Utility Helicopter today.The maiden flight of this prototype is planned for the early months of 2010 and a serial production will start for 245 helicopters for the Republic of Korea Army. It is scheduled to enter into service in 2012.Next up is the question of […]

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A330-300 THAI.jpg

PICTURE: Thai receives the 1,000th Airbus A330/340 aircraft

Here is a picture of the 1,000th aircraft to be delivered from the Airbus A330/A340 family. The aircraft, an A330-300, was handed over to Thai Airways in Toulouse yesterday.

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SIA A380 in air.jpg

SIA’s problems are the industry’s as well

Someone said the other day that if Singapore Airlines is reeling from the economic crisis, the prognosis must really be bad for the airline industry.That came true today when SIA reported a net loss of S$307 million ($212 million) for its fiscal first quarter. This was its first loss since the 2003 SARS crisis almost […]

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Sobering times at Kingfisher Airlines

So we were all wondering how bad things were at India’s Kingfisher Airlines and here goes.The airline had a net loss of 16.09 billion rupees ($333.5 million) for the year ended 31 March, and carries 60 billion Indian rupees of debt, or around $1 billion, on its balance sheet. It plans to raise 5 billion […]

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AirAsia X A330.jpg

Kepping it in the family makes little sense for AirAsia

It appears as though a merger between AirAsia and AirAsia X will probably not go ahead and that is a good thing.It makes sense to keep AirAsia’s highly successful (albeit still not very profitable) short-haul low-cost business separate from AirAsia X’s riskier low-cost long-haul model. Why should AirAsia’s owners and shareholders take on the additional […]

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Virgin Blue 737.jpg

Tottering Virgin Blue loses a wheel

It was a Monday filled with rich irony for Virgin Blue after a wheel fell off one of its Boeing 737 aircraft in the morning.That came almost at the same time as the carrier’s announcement that it plans to raise A$231.4 million ($190 million) in fresh equity to shore up its balance sheet, that it […]

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Garuda takes the slowly-slowly approach

Some may have thought that Indonesian airlines would rush to fly to Europe after the EU lifted its ban. Not Garuda, it seems. The flag carrier plans to fly to Europe only next year as part of a gradual five-year growth programme with reasonable targets.The airline has had a rough time in recent years, but […]

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Indian Su-30.jpg

“Fly by wire failure” led to Indian Su-30MKI crash

According to India’s defence minister, the fatal crash of the IAF Su-30MKI in April was caused by a failure in the aircraft’s fly-by-wire system.The country’s Su-30 fleet was grounded for three weeks after the crash, and they were allowed to fly again after investigations indicated no serious fault in the aircraft.As these are only the […]

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Japan nears the end of its F-22 courtship

Like a lover who embarked on an unfulfilled courtship, Japan nears the end of its F-22 dreamLockheed Martin’s chief financial officer Bruce Tanner, when asked by analysts about the prospects for overseas sales, was pessimistic. “I’m not particularly positive on the ability for us to make [an F-22 export deal] happen in the next few […]

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