Boeing working to appease ANA


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Today All Nippon Airways disclosed that it has swapped five 767-300ERs on order for Boeing 787s which means its 787 order increases to 55.

It works out well for ANA because the five 767-300ERs it is cancelling orders for were suppose to be interim lift but the downturn in Japan’s aviation market has been worse than expected so there is no need for such interim lift.

As the ANA spokesman pointed out to me today the 787s can be spaced out for later years.

Boeing must also be working hard to appease ANA because the carrier will be the first to fly the 787 and it was suppose to receive its first 787 next February but the latest delay in the 787 programme has pushed back the delivery schedule.

ANA has asked the aircraft-maker to clarify the delivery schedule as soon as possible. But Boeing has said it will take a few weeks to determine the schedule.

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  1. Kinbin 6 July, 2009 at 12:06 pm #

    With unstable fuel pricing swings, one does not expect the US$120~US$140 price range per barrell as the new equilibrium. The 787, while a technological masterpiece for sipping fuel, remains filled with ‘opportunities’ for reinforcements, and improvements before reaching its intended SFC goals.

    As such, the proven GE-powered 763ER remains a more effective operating model, with robust cost predictability. The abundance of parts on airframe components and engines makes it cost efficient. This compared with modelled operating costs on the 787.

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