“Fly by wire failure” led to Indian Su-30MKI crash

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According to India’s defence minister, the fatal crash of the IAF Su-30MKI in April was caused by a failure in the aircraft’s fly-by-wire system.

The country’s Su-30 fleet was grounded for three weeks after the crash, and they were allowed to fly again after investigations indicated no serious fault in the aircraft.

As these are only the preliminary investigations, further details could be revealed in the coming months. But I am thinking that if there is a fault in the fly-by-wire system, that is a serious issue. Or am I reading too much into this?


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  1. Kinbin 24 July, 2009 at 7:28 am #

    Interesting point raised on the FBW. Though redundancy has been built into the design, one wonders about the impact of short, medium and long term exposure to high heat, high humidity environments on all the avionics systems, during storage and aircraft grounding.

    I remain a believer of trusted cables, cable tensions, and cable pulleys. With the appropriate installations, and inspections, their reliability is excellent.

    Can never know about FBW and software. Have you ever had your computer crash on you on more than one occasion?

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