Go on then, mouth off to Tiger

Tiger A320-200.jpg

Maybe this is an airline’s way to getting touchy-feely with customers, and it certainly is a public relations exercise. Somehow, though, I don’t know if Singapore’s Tiger Airways has really thought through its latest plan.

It is inviting passengers to join a task force, where they can give their feedback on customer services, destinations, and product offerings. If you are keen, sign up at their website. Those who are selected will get S$500 worth of free flights.

Rosalynn Tay, managing director of Tiger Airways Singapore, says: “These are our customers and when it comes to finding out how we can enhance our product to meet their needs I want the raw facts.”

Maybe I am just cynical but, judging from the reactions online, Tiger may not want to hear some of these “raw facts”. Good luck to them, though. At least they are trying!

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