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Squeaky bum time in Indian MMRCA competition

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson once called the tail end of the season, when the real title contenders step up their game amid the pressure and peel away from their rivals, the squeaky bum time.That is probably an apt description for the six contenders in India’s medium multi-role combat aircraft competition. The flight evaluation trials […]

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Another step forward for China and Taiwan

Chinese and Taiwanese airlines today began operating scheduled direct flights for the first time in 60 years. For several years, they have been operating regular chartered flights. But this has been formalised into a scheduled structure after an agreement earlier this year.Yet, the good news has been tempered by the fact that the Dalai Lama, […]

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PHOTOS: The ANA 787 runs but it still does not fly

Just how frustrating must it be for All Nippon Airways? They have been waiting for their Boeing 787 for a long while, and they must hold on even longer.The ANA public relations team released these photos yesterday of aircraft No 2, which is used for flight tests, during taxi tests at Boeing facilities.“We understand the […]

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New Malaysia Airlines CEO faces numerous challenges

It will be an interesting ride over the next few months for Azmil Zahruddin (above), who has been named as Malaysia Airlines’ new CEO after Idris Jala left to join the Malaysian government.Idris came on board in 2005 and has brought the airline on an even keel after years of losses. The Malaysian government did […]

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India needs to pay attention to its navy’s aviation arm

India’s navy has only 11 BAE Sea Harriers left in its fleet. The service inducted close to 30 of the fighters in the 1980s, but more than half have been lost in accidents.The latest crash took place last week, resulting in the temporary grounding of the aircraft.The navy was due to take delivery of its […]

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Looking beyond Air China’s profits

Air China reported a net profit of 2.82 billion yuan ($412.8 million) in the six months to 30 June, but that is not an accurate reflection of the real situation at the carrier.Chinese airlines depend mainly on domestic passenger traffic and Air China’s domestic RPKs, which account for just over 60% of its total RPKs, […]

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Strikes compound Indian airline problems

As if things are not bad enough for Indian airlines, they are facing strike threats now.Jet Airways pilots are threatening to go on strike to protest the sacking of two colleagues, while Air India staff are going on a hunger striker to protest against the non-payment of wages.These are really the last thing that the […]

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Chinese carriers encouraged to buy ‘China made’ aircraft

China appears to have done a back-flip when it comes to its policy towards airline start-ups. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) last December announced it would refrain from granting air operator’s certificates (AOC) to start-ups planning to launch in 2009. But a report today in state-run China Daily, quotes unidentified CAAC officials in […]

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AirAsia X starts Middle East revolution

Abu Dhabi will be AirAsia X’s new destination and most likely its next base. That is a plus for the city, which is keen for AirAsia X to help it compete with Dubai as a regional hub.It will be interesting to see how Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi’s home carrier, responds. AirAsia X could be in […]

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China Eastern’s gravity defying passenger numbers

  China Eastern’s monthly increases in passenger traffic seem extraordinary considering most other carriers around the world are still experiencing falls in monthly traffic. The Shanghai-based carrier has just posted an 18% rise in RPKs in July. It is all thanks to China’s strong domestic market. International RPKs that month fell 2% year-on-year and domestic RPKs increased 29%. The […]

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