Jetstar Asia throws gauntlet to Singapore competition

Jetstar Asia A320.jpg

Jetstar Asia has been a relatively smallish low-cost player out of Singapore so far, but it is looking to dramatically change that in the coming weeks.

The airline is set to announce an expansion of its services, including flights to mainland China, and will add three more aircraft in the next year.

In addition, we could probably expect Jetstar Asia to open up services to India inthe coming months and increase existing services to SoutheastAsian countries like Indonesia and Thailand.

It needs that to compete against the likes of Tiger Airways and especially AirAsia, which has made Singapore a virtual hub despite not basing aircraft in the island.

It will be interesting to see how Tiger and AirAsia react to Jetstar Asia’s latest plans, especially since Singapore is a big part of all of their plans. Expect to see some action on that front!

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