Taiwan’s F-16 wish continues to face obstacles

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Back in town after a short (and badly needed) holiday and a working trip late last week to Taiwan, where I had an interesting talk with several people involved in the defence market.

The island is still being stymied by the USA in its attempts to buy new Lockheed Martin F-16C/Ds. However, defence contractors believe that plans to upgrade its older F-16A/Bs could go ahead this year instead, and they suggest that Washington could also help Taipei with upgrades for the indigenous F-CK-1 fighters (above).

That would be one way for the USA to avoid a nasty spat with China and continue to do business with the mainland – especially in this economic situation.

It may not be everything that Taiwan wants, but it really does not have much of a choice in the matter and it will take the offer if it comes. Some upgrades are better than nothing at all.


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  1. Kinbin 18 August, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    On a completely off-beat mindset, throw out the upgrade, along with the C/Ds, the PAC-3s, the P-3Cs and the Blackhawks as well. Use the funding allocation for snapping up a piece of Wall Street instead, which can be had for a discount.

    With the current trends on economic integration, social integration, intrastructural integration, military integration, and an accelerated political integration, why bother with the military hardware from the US?

    Let the US wallow in their internal domestic defense funding issues to prime pump the demand and revenue of the defense contractors.

    With Taiwan leaning towards China, the US needs to answer only to themselves when the entire balance is irreversibly tipped towards China.

    Hmmm… Taiwan ROCAF operated Chinese fighter jets… an entertaining thought.

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