SIA A380 deferral no big surprise

SIA A380 in air.jpg

SIA has decided to defer the delivery of eight Airbus A380s by six to 12 months, a move that will help it to better match capacity with demand. Perhaps, the only surprise is that it took so long for the carrier to decide on this.

Several other airlines have deferred aircraft, and SIA was running out of routes to deploy the aircraft on. This will give it some breathing space and start putting the aircraft into service at a time when the global economy and demand for air travel starts to improve.


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  1. Spacman 4 September, 2009 at 10:19 am #

    They might also want to use this time to developed a little customer service from the call centre… It would make the whole experience so much better if the people in the call centre could provide at least 20% of the service level one gets onboard

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