PICTURE: China tests BKZ-500 HALE UAV?

China HALE UAV.jpg

Here is a picture, reportedly of the Chinese BKZ-500 high-altitude long-endurance UAV, that is making the rounds on the internet that i found on this blog.

My colleague Steve Trimble has some ideas about this at his blog, but all of this is certainly part of a concerted Chinese attempt to increase its investment and capability in the unmanned segment.

We have seen various models of UAVs at the Chinese shows. Some look too much like western UAVs, others don’t look like they can get off the ground, but there have been a few models that looks like they could be serious contenders.

I doubt we will officially see any unveiled any time soon (look how long it took China to even officially acknowledge the existence of the J-10 fighter), but everyone will be taking an even closer look at what is under wraps in the country in the coming years.


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