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Boeing, Sikorsky and GE caught in middle after US sale to Taiwan

Boeing, Sikorsky and GE could face sanctions as the US goes ahead with the latest arms sales to Taiwan.Beijing, for the first time, has threatened sanctions against the companies that are involved in the sale. The deal includes 60 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters that are powered by GE engines, and Harpoon missiles that are […]

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Singapore 2010: First images from Singapore Airshow

Here are some of the aircraft on static display at the Singapore Airshow. I took them when I went to the show earlier, and the highlight is probably the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s modified G550 with the Elta conformal Airborne Early Warning platform (above).Others (below) include a USAF Lockheed Martin C-130, a model of […]

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Singapore 2010: First public display of RSAF’s secretive G550 AEW

Just took a trip down to the show site and I found – this cool baby, the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s G550 Airborne Early Warning aircraft.To my knowledge, this is the first time that the RSAF has publicly displayed this aircraft, about which it has been highly secretive. Singapore received its first aircraft in […]

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FedEx and its Panda Express

How’s this for some precious cargo? FedEx Express is transporting two giant Pandas from the USA to China on 4 February. The bears, which were born in the USA, are being flown from Washington’s Dulles International Airport to Chengdu, China.This is not the first time that FedEx Express has transported Pandas. In 2000, it flew […]

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Singapore 2010: When will Singapore decide between T-50 and M346?

This has been in the works for such a long time, and is likely to continue in the near term.Singapore has been assessing the Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 (above) and Aermacchi M-346 (below) for its advanced jet trainer competition. Flight trials, from what we understand, are over and negotiations are ongoing between Singapore and the […]

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Singapore 2010: Jetstar-AirAsia alliance has long way to run

Let’s not get too carried away about the significance of the Jetstar-AirAsia alliance that was signed earlier in January. Yes, this is the first time that two major low-cost carriers anywhere in the world are coming together and that is important. They will certainly benefit from working together on ground-handling and engineering services – their […]

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It’s a hard drop from the mile-high club!

Here’s something left of centre – how many of your remember the name Lisa Robertson? Doesn’t ring a bell?Now, how many of you can remember the story of a Qantas stewardess who romped with actor Ralph Fiennes on board a flight from Darwin to India? Yep, that’s her.It appears as though Robertson is now homeless […]

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Singapore 2010: AirAsia makes Indian move

Yesterday, my colleague Ghim-Lay Yeo was in Kuala Lumpur talking to AirAsia and Tony Fernandes about the carrier’s plans to expand to India. AirAsia, together with its long-haul associate AirAsia X, is making waves in the regional low-fare market.Along with China, India is a big market for the Southeast Asian low-cost carriers. India, with its […]

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Singapore 2010: Low cost carriers in focus

Recently, we spoke to Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choon Seng, whose carrier took delivery of the Airbus A380 around the time of the 2008 Singapore Airshow.Two years ago, the headlines came from full service carriers like SIA, who ordered aircraft like the A380 and Airbus’ A330 and A350, as well as Boeing’s 777 and 787, […]

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Singapore 2010: Spotlight likely to be on F-35 programme

More Asian countries are likely to assess the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in the coming years as a possible solution to their fighter requirements, and that should result in the aircraft taking the spotlight next week.But expect a lot of questions from the media for the Lockheed executives next week, especially on the […]

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