AirAsia-Jetstar tie-up will be a big deal in region

AirAsia A320 new.jpgHappy New Year, everyone!

Tomorrow, AirAsia and Jetstar are about to announce a new joint venture that would help them to save costs. There is still little information about what they plan to do, with the usual sources remaining rather tight-lipped. What we know is that it will likely involve some cooperation on routes and maybe ground services.

No matter what happens, a tie-up between the two will be a pretty significant deal. These are two of the largest low-cost carriers in Asia and it will be a significant threat to their competitors if they decide to work even more closely with each other.

Closer cooperation between AirAsia and Jetstar will be a pretty big deal in the regional airline industry.

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One Response to AirAsia-Jetstar tie-up will be a big deal in region

  1. Kinbin 6 January, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Another scheme to defer aircraft deliveries and subsequent payment for aircraft without compromising with AA’s footprint expansion.

    For the business barons and moguls with ‘dosh’ to spare, eyeing the glam and fame, and itching to jump onto the low-cost band-wagon, they shall be shocked to realize, upon jumping, that the flooring to the ‘wagon’ is gone. Instead, there lies an abyss to the gates of Hades.

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