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Sorry boys, you have to queue somewhere else

After numerous requests from female passengers, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is rolling out women-only lavatories on board its aircraft on all international routes.“We conducted a survey in 2007, and many ladies requested for women-only lavatories,” says an ANA spokeswoman.From March 1, a women-only lavatory will be available at the back of each aircraft. The lavatories […]

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The Jetstar v Qantas conundrum down under

Here’s another thing about this morning’s press conference – they really show that Jetstar (EBIT of A$121 million) is becoming the star of the Qantas Group, with the full-service flagship Qantas Airways making only half of that at A$60 million.The traffic figures bear this out, with Jetstar posting significantly stronger growth in RPKS and actual […]

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The Qantas fleet revamp gambit

So, has Qantas blinked first or is it the most prescient of the major Asia Pacific carriers?This morning, I was at the airline’s half-year financial results press conference in Sydney when it announced that it made a half-year profit, with the higher traffic at low-cost subsidiary Jetstar helping the full-service carrier Qantas ride through the […]

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The NYT is reading too much into Air China’s A320 order

First up, let me say that the New York Times is one of my favourite newspapers. But when one of my colleagues brought this to my attention, I can’t help but think that the NYT put two and two together and came up with five.Its conclusion that Air China’s order of 20 Airbus A320s has […]

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Singapore 2010: Behind the scenes with the Flightglobal team

Okay, this is gonna be a highly embarrassing video but it just shows the fun (and, erm, hard work) that that the Flightglobal team put into the Singapore Airshow and especially our digital dailies. We hope you enjoy these outtakes!

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Low cost carriers making their mark in Asia

Two weeks ago, we went to the Low Cost Airline Asia Pacific conference in Singapore and talked to CEOs from several airlines. These included AirAsia X’s Azran Rani-Osman (above), Jetstar’s Bruce Buchanan, Virgin Blue’s Brett Godfrey, and Viva Macau’s Reg McDonald.You can see the videos at our landing page, which is located here. But one […]

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VIDEO: Promotional video of KAI T-50 jet trainer

Here is a pretty cool (and at times corny – what’s with the feathers, boys?) video of the Korea Aerospace Industries T-50, which is in contention for advanced jet trainer competitions with the twin-engined Alenia Aermacchi M346 for contracts in Singapore and other parts of the world.The KAI fellas passed it to me last week […]

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Tony’s Vietnam ambition seems to be happening

AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes appears to have finally succeeded in his long-held ambition to make AirAsia the ASEAN carrier with operations in all the major southeast Asian markets.Today AirAsia announced that it is buying 30% of Vietnamese start-up VietJet which will be positioned as a low-cost carrier and be branded VietJet AirAsia.VietJet has been trying to […]

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So when is a military helicopter not a military helicopter?

When China (and Eurocopter) says so, it seems.Taiwan’s air force has bought three EC225s for search and rescue missions. Eurocopter says that it is for civil use, and emphasises that this is not a military variant. Yet, doesn’t the fact that this was bought by the air force rather than a civilian agency make it […]

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Myanmar’s state-owned MAI appears set for ownership change before elections

Myanmar Airways International, the country’s maininternational carrier, is in the throes of another ownership change.This carrier was a joint-venture between Singapore‘s RegionAir and the Myanmargovernment. The government’s stake was controlled via the auspices ofgovernment domestic carrier Myanma Airways (yes, that is the correct spelling).The Singaporeans exited the business a few months agoand Myanma Airways is now […]

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