Low cost carriers making their mark in Asia

Azran Rani-Osman.jpgTwo weeks ago, we went to the Low Cost Airline Asia Pacific conference in Singapore and talked to CEOs from several airlines. These included AirAsia X’s Azran Rani-Osman (above), Jetstar’s Bruce Buchanan, Virgin Blue’s Brett Godfrey, and Viva Macau’s Reg McDonald.

You can see the videos at our landing page, which is located here. But one thing was obvious from our coversations – they are all optimistic about their future as the region’s airline industry emerge from the economic downturn.

Making predictions is a risky business at most times, but it is almost certain that the Asia Pacific air traffic market will follow the trend set by the USA and Europe and result in a greater role for low cost carriers.

That will put even more pressure on the likes of Garuda Indonesia, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways to up their game, or risk becoming irrelevant or even worse – insolvent.

Asia’s airline industry will continue to grow, but it is fundamentally changing at the same time.

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  1. PaulK 10 March, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    AirAsiaX… be careful.

    Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers) until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

    They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

    Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B… just in case.

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