Singapore 2010: Embraer to take on ARJ21 in China?

Embraer china.jpgEmbraer plans to continue producing regional jets in China, looking to replace the ERJ-145 line in Harbin with assembly facilities for the E-190.

That would be an ambitious plan, given that the aircraft will be solely for the Chinese market. The Brazilian manufacturer would compete against the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China ARJ-21, which is now in flight testing and is Beijing’s answer in the segment.

Most of the Chinese carriers that want to buy regional jets will buy the ARJ-21 due to political pressure. Embraer, however, is probably banking on the fact that not all of them will want to buy the locally produced (and dare we say it, inferior) aircraft.

In addition, the Chinese airliner market is likely to grow tremendously and the number of ARJ-21s produced are unlikely to meet this demand.

That could open a small market for the E-190/195 family of Embraer jets. The question then may be if political pressure or market forces wins out in the end in China.


3 Responses to Singapore 2010: Embraer to take on ARJ21 in China?

  1. Kinbin 2 February, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    IMHO, amazonian beauties supercede cheap chinese lasses, in poise, stature, and intelligence. Their renowned ferocity and performance, if appropriately tamed and channeled, make better bed-fellows and companions in aviation and in society. Just consider their export credentials and success.

  2. Siva Govindasamy 2 February, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    Yeah, I tend to agree. The real challenge will come from the Japanese “kawaii” babes – that is looking to be a real threat to them.

  3. Kinbin 2 February, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    hmmm…. in the light of proximity, and availability, I concur that Japanese “kawaii” babes are great to behold and take home as well. Strong, high quality, classy and lightweight, with a performance to match. It won’t be cheap either, which is not necessarily a bad thing. A good competition match up with amazonian beauties.

    Personally, I wouldnt desire cheap chinese clones. They can keep them in the mainland then.

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