China Baby

Beijing-based Deer Jet has taken delivery of China’s first Boeing Business Jet.

Its BBJ has local registration B5266 and is configured with 18 passenger seats and a bedroom, conference room and open bar, says the airline.

Deer Jet is primarily a business jet operator and it is controlled by Hainan Airlines.

The picture below shows the BBJ touching down at Beijing airport. There’s know doubt China has a lot of potential for business aviation now that it has so many newly minted billionaires.


Deer Jet BBJ 3 (Custom).jpg


Deer Jet BBJ 2 (Custom).jpg

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  1. eugenio 30 March, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    This is what SQ should be doing between Singapore and Malaysia. Instead, they have cut down on frequency and actually steered traffic towards the discount carriers. Their service is currently being affected by purchase of the wrong type of aircraft in a rapidly de-regulating market.

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