Just how many more naval fighters does India need?

India MiG-29.jpgWe’ve confirmed that India has ordered another 29 RAC MiG-29K fighters for its navy, in addition to the 16 it ordered a few years ago, to go with the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier that is now scheduled to enter into service in 2012.

This will give it a total of 45 carrier-borne fighters and there is no doubt that it will need more as its aircraft carriers enter into service, but I wonder how many more it needs and what it will buy?

Does it, also, need to operate three different types of fighters? A naval variant of the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft is still delayed, but on the way. New New Delhi issued a RFI last year to Western suppliers for naval fighters, while it may yet go for more MiG-29s.

The light-medium-heavy combination of fighters makes sense in an air force (in India, it will eventually be the LCA-MMRCA-Su-30MKI/FGFA), but is that necessary in the navy too?


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  1. spacman 20 March, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    well, they do tend to crash them more then most

  2. Siva Govindasamy 22 March, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    Well, more air force aircraft have crashed by my reckoning. But the naval aircraft need to be replaced – the navy has not received as much attention as the air force, and its fleet tends to be older.

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