VIDEO: Australia’s Super Hornets arrive tomorrow

Okay, i am on an Australia roll – but here is a short one. It is exciting that the Super Hornets will finally be in Australia tomorrow (a video of the aircraft, kindly provided by Boeing Defence Australia, is above).

Canberra is the first export customer and it will be great to see how the twin-engine F/A-18Fs operate in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Boeing will be hoping that there are no hiccups in their entry into service, given that the Super Hornet is also in contention in competitions in India and Japan. Australia also expect the aircraft to be in service for a long time, although there is still no confirmation on when (rather than if, if you ask me) some of them will be converted into the EA-18G Growler configuration.

Depending on when Australia gets its Lockheed Martin F-35s (now scheduled for 2014, although there could be delays), there is the possibility that Canberra could order additional F/A-18Fs. Boeing will certainly be hoping so.

Our man in Australia, Will Horton, will cover tomorrow’s event and you can read all about it on his blog and


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