PICTURES: First flight of ROKAF F-15Ks with P&W engines

 F15Ka(blog).jpgOne of my contacts has just sent me these, the first flight of the Republic of Korea Air Force F-15Ks that are powered by the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engines.

The one-hour flight took place over St Louis on Monday.

F15K(blog).jpgThe aircraft is part of an order for 21 fighters that the country ordered two years ago, and switched to the P&W powerplants from the GE Aviation ones that were ordered for its earlier batch of F-15s. South Korea never really revealed the reason for the engine switch.

These are the first two EEPs in flight. P&W has said that the engines boost the lifecycle from 4,300 TACs to 6,000 TACs.


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